Fundraising Plan

Follow our fundraising calendar to success

Anyone can raise $15,000. It just takes a good plan, some personality, and the will to keep at it. We've seen $15,000 raised leisurely over a couple months, or in a flurry of activity over two weeks. The key is to get going - start today and then let that momentum carry you along.

Below is a template to help you plan out the first month of your campaign. Make it your own:

First Month






Week One

Go public - post an announcement with your link on FB, Insta, and Tiktok

Write your ask email and send your first ten emails personally

Reply to all likes, comments or donations

Self-donate $500 or more

Week Two

Post a picture of you training for your ride

Send another 10 personal emails

Add new prospects to your list and thank any new donors

Begin to imagine yourself wearing latex

Week Three

Change your zoom back ground to LS+G to prompt people to ask questions

Send another 10 personal emails (you rockstar fundraiser you)

Keep current with thank you's

Ask your non-work community (church, service club, etc.) if you can share your campaign at their next gathering

Week Four

Post the logo of the charity you are fundraising for and a short 'why you love them' message with your link

Send another 10 personal emails

Call a few donors personally to say thanks

Send a quick, bullet-point group email to all your donors to update them on your campaign

Your Progress

Most of your friends have heard something about you doing something crazy

40 friends and fans have been asked so far

You've said thank you to everyone

You are at 40% of your $15,000 goal supported by 25 donations!

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