Tour Details

June 22 to August 31, 2024!

Love, Sweat + Gears is a fully-supported cycling fundraiser that raises money for rider-selected charities and the expanding work of Blue Sea Foundation.

Challenge yourself to an unforgettable experience while accomplishing something remarkable. Give back to your community. Honour the memory of a friend or family member. Reset your life, revisit your priorities, or check off "Biked across the country" on your bucket list.

See the country up close and enjoy the beautiful views, hearty meals, and refreshingly simple life of riding your bike with friends.






Stage 1

1,216 km

Vancouver to Calgary

  • Leg 1 - Vancouver - Vernon
  • Leg 2 - Vernon - Calgary

June 23 - July 6

  • June 22 - June 29
  • June 30 - July 6

Stage 2

1,615 km

Calgary to Winnipeg

  • Leg 3 - Calgary - Regina
  • Leg 4 - Regina - Winnipeg

July 8 - July 21

  • July 7 - July 14
  • July 15 - July 21

Stage 3

1,429 km

Winnipeg to Sault Ste. Marie

  • Leg 5 - Winnipeg - Thunder Bay
  • Leg 6 - Thunder Bay - Sault Ste Marie

July 23 - August 3

  • July 22 - July 27
  • July 28 - Aug 3

Stage 4

1,387 km

Sault Ste Marie to Montreal

  • Leg 7 - Sault Ste Marie - Orillia
  • Leg 8 - Orillia - Montreal

August 5 - August 17

  • Aug 4 - Aug 10
  • Aug 11 - Aug 17

Stage 5

1,382 km

Montreal to PEI National Park

  • Leg 9 - Montreal - Amqui
  • Leg 10 - Amqui - PEI National Park

August 19 - August 31

  • Aug 18 - Aug 24
  • Aug 25 - Aug 31

Fully Supported


From the airport to the start in Vancouver, and from your hotel to the airport in Charlottetown. Shuttles to all included activities, sightseeing trips, and offsite meals/lodging during the tour. Stage riders can arrange for shuttle pickup or drop off.


Lodging is provided from Orientation on June 22, 2024 through the last night of the tour in Charlottetown on August 30, 2024. Lodging type varies depending on the location. The tour is primarily a camping tour with locations at schools, dorms, campgrounds, armory, community centers, and the rare motel or hostel. If allowed by the school, those locations will include the opportunity to sleep inside the school or gym. Riders may at their own discretion, expense, and transportation, overnight in a local hotel/motel/private housing.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided on the tour from June 23 - August 31. Breakfast and Dinner are hot meals cooked on location, while a personal lunch is usually packed by riders in the morning. Of course, riders may at their discretion and expense eat and drink anywhere along the route.


You can bring what you want, as long as it fits in your personal space in the gear truck and your camping gear duffle. Oh, and it has to meet the total weight limit of 27 kg/60 lbs!

All riders and volunteers are provided space for their gear inside the gear trailer. That means you ride with your lunch and not all your worldly possessions! You will be provided a permanent personal space that does not have to be loaded or unloaded for your clothing and other personal items. Camping gear like tents, mattresses and camp chairs are loaded and unloaded by riders each day. Click to view LS+G Tour Packing List >


SAG is the support along the route provided to riders each day by our amazing team of volunteers. It consists of:


An LS+G bike mechanic will be located along the route and in camp to help riders repair their bikes so they can continue this incredible journey. Click to view Tour Bike Mechanic Recommendations >

Other Services

Your Bike

Bring the bike you enjoy riding for long distances and we recommend it be able to accommodate a 35mm tire. Road, touring, mountain, gravel, hybrid, e-bike, tandem, trike, recumbent, and whatever as long as you can ride an average of 100 km per day.

Road Surfaces

LS+G will primarily use paved roads in order the make it across Canada in a single season. However, there will be short intervals when we will use a gravel road for several km to avoid a tricky situation or take advantage of a bike trail, hence the 35 mm tire recommendation. Note: Every km of the tour has been reviewed, and much of it assessed in person by our Tour Director.

A Day in the Life

If you haven't cycled on a tour, it can be hard to imagine what the experience is like. Well, let's take the guesswork out of your mind! Click the link below to read Terry's cheeky-but-helpful commentary on what a typical day on the Love, Sweat, and Gears Tour will be like for you (and all your friends who join with you!) Read about a Day in the Life of an LS+G tour rider.

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